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In her blog post, Karen Hutton wrote, “Part of me is even a little horrified to discover how much art matters to me.”

That statement, right there, hit me in My tear ducts and throat, Sister.

And one could absolutely plug in almost anything in the place of “art” in her sentence. It seems when I have connected with something that matters most, it feels so much like a runaway train. I’ve just discovered, among other whacks, that I’ve been thinking I’m the engineer of this here loco-motive, and I’m just as much bound for its destination as any other passenger is; I’m the one being “trained”.

And, as I hear in what Karen is saying, “what a Ride! it’s Awesome!” is the only way to travel, when, as she says:

Again, from her blog post,

“If you’re like me, you may find you’ve been doing it all backwards. I’ve always chosen the logical direction and then charged at it like a battering ram, instead of turning myself into an Awesome Life magnet. Man, is it both harder and easier than I imagined! Easier, because instead of figuring out all the details and setting ‘appropriate goals’ (I now know I’m always disappointed by those results)… I’m letting things emerge in a more effortless way.”

And, it’s true.. as Unlimited as we are? Slowing down, in the way that I read it, might mean the same as Surrender, or Embrace, applied to the few loves that transform us in increments. The train is then no longer runaway.. . just on track.

You bring these things out of me, Karen; I’m victim to your honest heart.

Thank you

Oh.. Snap!! That’s what the train Really is, isn’t it!?!
LOVE! It’s how much we Love something that has all that power.