stylin’? or Actual Style?

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SO often I hear younger, newer photographers/artists concerned with “my creative voice” or “my Style” as if it’s something one can choose/cultivate/manufacture; in this story is an example of how one’s personal artistic style comes naturally, or organically, from who one is, and have a Huge community resonance.

Behind the scenes and back to the future, with photographer, Irina Werning

All Whining Aside.. Photographer’s Phuture.

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a nice picture of a tree I sometimes think of a line in (I think) a movie (maybe a play?) about a photographer, in which he says something like “you’d be surprised how few people will buy a nice photo of a tree”. (Somehow it reminds me of Clint Eastwood, in ” ..Bridges..”, but it probably wasn’t.) I thought of it, again, when this came up, linked in a posting by a fellow photographer, Sterling E. Stevens ,

Two Different Approaches to Discussing Art and its Future


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If you’re a late sleeper, or a casual observer at the start of your day, physiotherapist Miroslaw Swietek has, both, gotten the jump on you, And brought it all back, alive, for you in a set of crisply (as fresh lettuce is crisp) photographed fuzzy, sharp clawed, alien-eyed creatures. The following blog post contains some of his -and some of two other photographers- images from similar frontiers: