No-Tech lighting augmentation for small subjects

Answering a request by another “strobist”-type to answer a cryptic tag left on one of my latest flickr images, I may as well include you in the audience, eh?

soft pinks, crisp light:

Dam Amble - Hibiscus

And here’s the rig:

water panel
cut from a gallon water jug, you can get two of them, at least

I use this rig hand-held, tethered on a coiled cord, iTTL, or manual, and can hold it to put the light wherever I want it within arm’s reach. If I’m using it on a small subject, I can get pretty soft wrap around light by using it close to the subject. If I want it a little more contrasty/harder, I can back it off so the diffusion panel is smaller in relation to the subject size. Using can be a tad tricky when augmenting available light at slow shutterspeeds, since it’s more difficult to handhold the Camera steady with one hand, while positioning the flash, too, but the trade off in spontaneity is worth it, sometimes.

How it works is pretty self explanatory, but two things about these appeal to me;

a) fits into a pocket.. either hip pocket, or camera bag pocket

b)no-tech.. the small “tab” is cut to slide into the stow-away slot for the built-in diffusion panel of the Nikon SB-x00 flash.. so nothing needed to attach it.

oh.. and

c) can be used as reflector or as diffuser, depending on which way you want to turn the flash.

I’ve not ever taken readings to see which way gets the most light to the subject, when shooting in the outdoors where there are no walls, etc, to add bounced roomlight. I’ll let you worry about details such as that.

Here’s a bonus image, also made with the above:

Dam Amble - Mimosa and Ant

Txt&Drv? No Wrse!


I’m guessing that most photographers who have persued the art/craft/profession in the True spirit of the word, “amatuer” –one who Loves what he’s doing– drive with their cameras within reach. While I was looking for a suitable foreground for this awesome sweep of a sunset-ting, the words of a contemporary insurance advert came to mind; “Life Comes At You, Fast!”

This time, I was fortunate. I don’t, however, recommend it. I’ve had a couple of moments trying to do such a thing, when little things started to slip from my influence. .. like maintaining my lane, maintaining my speed, keeping awareness of traffic coming up behind me, etc.

So, “No, Don’t Try This” at home or on the road.

It IS kind of Beautiful, though.. isn’t it?