Orchid Chillouts

Thanks to the idea from Katariina Järvinen , I went back to the orchids to complete another set of orchid pix I had posted on my Flickr pages. (slideshow of them all)
Here are some of them:Orchid-148


Katariina had suggested the “horror” lighting used in my last post for one of the other “mouth”like orchid images. While the other, more delicate variety -the Big mouthed ones- have all gone, I Could make fresh versions of this one, so I played with these last night, late, for added fun.



Happy Hallowe’en!


High Drama

High Drama

You have no idea how Beautiful this photo was to me, when I found it upon checking the D90 LCD screen, after taking the shot.
You see, the camera and attached Nikon 55-200mm VR lens had Hit a Ceramic Tile Floor, just a couple of hours earlier, with a Sickening Crunch!!!
The words, "I can’t beLieve I just Did that" came out of my mouth before the Crunch echoes died away in the food court.. . . . .
.. . . . . .
Meetup members around me, seeing that the lens looked to have sustained the most damage, asked me if I wanted to borrow a lens just to check and see if the Body still worked. "I’m not sure I want to know, before the meeting is over." But later, when I retrieved my 18-55 Nikon VR lens and tried it? This image was the first one I shot.
I’ve seen no sign of malfunction or sensor artifacts. Not even odd sounding autofocus noises. Video still works. Flash still works.
This couldn’t have been a prettier sight if it had been.. . well, name your dream photo of the week. 😉
I can live without the lens, as it was the least favorite of my arsenal, and easily replaceable.. AFTER a second body, though, huh? YouuuuuuuuBetcha!

Blackberry photos of the damage, when I was relieved the camera works.blackberrycam-48blackberrycam-43