Sun, Sun, Sun

There it goes. . .


Sun, Sun, Sun
There it goes. . .

small sunflower, cut, and taken into the studio, back when it was in season, and  as photographers are wont to do, kept while it dried out. In Lightroom 4.3, tweaks and split tones were added, background lighting simulated with local brushings, etc.
Pure Theater.

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No fun counting Chip(lets), but hatching them was Fun!

This year, we got closer, Yet, to winning. Our submission  had 4377 likes, and was rated the 14th highest (and 27th most viewed) among all the thousands of entries from 30 countries around the world. While we were not among the 20 Semifinalists chosen by the judges, we are proud of our work.

Director: Ken Hoff
DP: Aravind Ragupathi
Written by: Alexander Julian
Great support, wardrobe, and crowd “extras” by many from the re-enactors and Renfaire community.