Poor Hellebore

Poor Poor Hellebore

Before the sleeting diminished, Monday, I got up close and personal with my now sparse hellebore, on my back porch. Processing was done in Lightroom 5, Photoshop CC (image stacking, for deeper focus), with further enhancements in Perfect Effects Premium 8. A Kenko auto extension tube got me close.

The light was from my handheld (remotely triggered) flash.<br />it was directed into a large white envelope, to make the source much larger (more like sky light), and held about 9 inches above the blossoms. flash gave me better sharpness, since the overcast sky was rapidly dimming. <br />i could have used a small softbox on the flash, but i didn&#39;t want to take the time to rig the one i have, when this technique works Quite well.


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