Shake It Off

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Shake It Off

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“the journey is the best part, but they often shake it off”

Nikographer [Jon] on, and on (one of) his own blog(s) :

Those who know me, know I like a well-turned paragraph or two, but at heart, I stand in humble appreciation for the few words that capture/suggest a Whole lot more.

Jon’s photographs, as well as his words, are increasingly elegant over the last very few years he’s been photographing, passionately.

High Drama

High Drama

You have no idea how Beautiful this photo was to me, when I found it upon checking the D90 LCD screen, after taking the shot.
You see, the camera and attached Nikon 55-200mm VR lens had Hit a Ceramic Tile Floor, just a couple of hours earlier, with a Sickening Crunch!!!
The words, "I can’t beLieve I just Did that" came out of my mouth before the Crunch echoes died away in the food court.. . . . .
.. . . . . .
Meetup members around me, seeing that the lens looked to have sustained the most damage, asked me if I wanted to borrow a lens just to check and see if the Body still worked. "I’m not sure I want to know, before the meeting is over." But later, when I retrieved my 18-55 Nikon VR lens and tried it? This image was the first one I shot.
I’ve seen no sign of malfunction or sensor artifacts. Not even odd sounding autofocus noises. Video still works. Flash still works.
This couldn’t have been a prettier sight if it had been.. . well, name your dream photo of the week. 😉
I can live without the lens, as it was the least favorite of my arsenal, and easily replaceable.. AFTER a second body, though, huh? YouuuuuuuuBetcha!

Blackberry photos of the damage, when I was relieved the camera works.blackberrycam-48blackberrycam-43

Life, imitating. . .

out take from headshot session
out take from headshot session

This one was actually done during lighting setup and test, with dramatic lighting effects added in processing, later.
My cousin, Frank, was in need of fresh headshots to update what his agency sends out, and I was asked to make them.
Now this isn’t what an actor’s headshot really is, but it looks so much like a movie still, that I gave it some Hollywood magic to take it Just a bit further toward the Dramatic.

What was he thinking, that gave him that taught drama? It wasn’t his grocery list; he was more or less concentrating on a shot I had just made. I attach my camera to a handy TV nearby so he can see what we’re creating as we work. Sometimes it helps.. sometimes it gets in the way of the flow; this time, it was catalyst for pretty nice serendipity, considering he is going for film gigs.