Touch of Lightness

One form of meditation, for me, is taking a walk onto my deck and looking at what I find there. I “dead-headed” this rose in decline, and lay it on a stone on a work table. I had also noticed a few downy feathers scattered in a couple of planters.
Photographer’s Gold! We find pictures in what everyone else pretends is just nothing.. just stuff. We also ComBine things.

The really nice breeze had already carried off a bunch of feathers, no doubt.. or maybe even brought these to my deck. After playing with exposures short enough to let the feathers blur in the breeze, this simple story presented itself in my mind. I lost one feather after another to the breeze without catching The Moment they were wafted away. Finally, 600, or so, frames later, I pulled some spider web from dead sunflower stalks and the Tethered Feather was devised, so at Least I got a few frames before the next to last feather slipped its line and waved.. or maybe that’s just some frustrated poet in me imagining a wave.
That’s also what some photographers are, I’d say: frustrated writers.
I wish you full appreciation of light touches in your day.

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So an image can sneak up on you. . .

…remember to play.

This is an image I made during a one week workshop at the Maine Photographic Workshop (now known as the Maine Media Workshop), in Rockport, ME, (years ago, now).


I call that week a  turning point because of the facilitator, Sean Kernan, whose quiet guidance was more geared to seeing than to craft or method. Sean encouraged playing outside most of the “boxes” that some photographers want to get comfortable in..
elusive unself-conscious fruit of bold experiment was more valued than predictable formulae or safe technique. And, as I have posted before, he fostered a way of looking at each other’s work without ponderous and egotistical judgment  in feedback sessions.. not a bad way to see the world, either, eh?

Finally, he has a new book we’ve been waiting YEARS for, based on his lifelong curiosity and passion for finding and nurturing that state of fresh wonder and amazement we often refer to as “the zone”, or “the creative state”.
The new book is called “Looking Into the Light”, and is out on iTunes, so far, for download.

Follow the link to his companion site for info and dialog on the book; I think almost anyone in the creative arts will benefit from delving his/her own process with this book at hand. It certainly won’t replace being in one of Sean’s workshops, but try it.
I think you’re gonna like the way you look.. into the light.Kernan-IntoLight






Looking into the Light | 

Looking Into The Light: Creativity and Photography is a series of exercises and assignments that take photographers to a direct experience of their own creativity, then let them practice it in their work. It comes from a workshop that Sean Kernan has developed over more than 30 years of …

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