Fragrance in the summer evening


Fragrance in the summer evening

I often play with long exposures, handheld, wherein I can hold still for a portion, then add some zoom/movement during the latter part. In this case, I used flash for the initial exposure, combined with the above technique, to grab a bit more ambient lighting into the still mix, before adding the movement.


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it dawned on one of us

I can’t remember what the “holiday” was, but some friends and I decided to catch a Wrightsville Beach, NC chilly sunrise.

Perfect Rise

I believe I may have been the only photographer in the bunch, and I was Ready to “capture” (such a silly word for photography) the rising sun at the horizon. We all alternately huddled and stomped about in the sand to keep warm while waiting. As the brightness rose, most of our moving stopped as we stood in mute anticipation of the moment when that great orange bowling ball would finish slow-mo bursting through that break in the bank of clouds clinging to the ocean.

Silence. Even the seagulls had dissipated elsewhere.
Then one voice broke the spell.
“Guys.. the sun is rising over Here
Meaning.. Not where We were expecting it in that cloud break, but several degrees around the horizon, to the northeast.
No apps to pinpoint sunrisings, back then,

but there’s probably not an app to avoid wishful presumption anyway.