Touch of Lightness

One form of meditation, for me, is taking a walk onto my deck and looking at what I find there. I “dead-headed” this rose in decline, and lay it on a stone on a work table. I had also noticed a few downy feathers scattered in a couple of planters.
Photographer’s Gold! We find pictures in what everyone else pretends is just nothing.. just stuff. We also ComBine things.

The really nice breeze had already carried off a bunch of feathers, no doubt.. or maybe even brought these to my deck. After playing with exposures short enough to let the feathers blur in the breeze, this simple story presented itself in my mind. I lost one feather after another to the breeze without catching The Moment they were wafted away. Finally, 600, or so, frames later, I pulled some spider web from dead sunflower stalks and the Tethered Feather was devised, so at Least I got a few frames before the next to last feather slipped its line and waved.. or maybe that’s just some frustrated poet in me imagining a wave.
That’s also what some photographers are, I’d say: frustrated writers.
I wish you full appreciation of light touches in your day.

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