I have long wanted a frame drum

Maybe now I know why I just couldn’t decide to buy one… making one is Much better! The class for making this drum was taught by two men who practice the spiritual traditions of the Blackfoot people; of course they intend the drums for personal spiritual use. This form, a Journey Drum, is made of Elk hide over a wood frame, laced and stretched with hide lacing. We also made the beaters, from lengths of wood chosen in a personally meaningful way.
Such drums traditionally are made over the course of months, and include acquiring the hide from an already dead animal (earliest tradition was horsehide), gathering the other materials. Making the drum in one day, this way, is amazing, and I wasn’t sure what the sound would be like, as it takes from 24-36 hours to dry to taughtness.
However, when I heard it’s first voice, I felt a deep smile happen involuntarily while my body felt that kind of “goosebumps” ripple all over.
This is why I made the video, so I could share the sound and beauty.
Thanks, so very much, Jimmy Thiem and co-leader, Chuck Skelton.


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