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I participate in the weekly mini-theme of a G+ Community: MacroMonday.
I got a chuckle from realizing that I wasn’t the only Macro Monday member who thought of onion skin for the last mini-theme assignment, ‘Skin’.
Last night, upon reviewing the picks by moderators, Sandra Parlow and Jeff Moreau , I went through a thought progression that ended up with this (among other variations) on the same onion I had used. The light from the left is from a green image on my computer monitor, while the red light from camera left was from small LED “laser” flashlight (you know.. the cheap toy they sell to wear out  your cabin-fevered cat) to backlight the spreading, dried, outer skin of the onion bulb.
None of my attempts, of course, were very repeatable since I was hand holding the flashlight for a portion of the exposure. Closeup gear was a short extension tube on my Nikon kit lens.
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For years, as a “professional ogler” (a newspaper staff photographer), I simultaneously explored photography as craft/process/medium in its own right. The photojournalism work –credentials and mindset– got me into (and out of) places I would certainly never have had access to on my own. I was also practicing the discipline of getting a picture where there didn’t appear to be one and getting it Finished in a timely manner, to professional standards. I also learned to create imminently readable images despite poor reproduction in a small size. Though it took me several years to get this, the value of making photos that illustrated something already laid out in the story was suddenly Not Enough, and I began to make assignment pictures that added dimensions not already in the writing, or better Yet, raised questions so that the reader would go to the story for more answers. Having gained more than dreamt of, when starting out, I left to pursue my own personal photography, mounting exhibits along the way. I also worked with commercial photographer friends doing studio product photography, and making headshots for actors. Later, I also helmed a Public Radio “spacemusic” program, and acted in a Wilmington, NC drama company. I put the cameras away for a few years, to finish shedding the habit of self-limiting my identity as just “Photographer”, and can now pursue personal pleasure and expression through the freedom that digital imaging offers. Sharing photos on Flickr and participating locally in meetups and outings has renewed a passion for making new images and for sharing the process with others. For some time, I’ve found myself writing detailed comments on other people’s photos, as well as thoughts and pet ideas about photography, in general.

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