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I participate in the weekly mini-theme of a G+ Community: MacroMonday.
I got a chuckle from realizing that I wasn’t the only Macro Monday member who thought of onion skin for the last mini-theme assignment, ‘Skin’.
Last night, upon reviewing the picks by moderators, Sandra Parlow and Jeff Moreau , I went through a thought progression that ended up with this (among other variations) on the same onion I had used. The light from the left is from a green image on my computer monitor, while the red light from camera left was from small LED “laser” flashlight (you know.. the cheap toy they sell to wear out  your cabin-fevered cat) to backlight the spreading, dried, outer skin of the onion bulb.
None of my attempts, of course, were very repeatable since I was hand holding the flashlight for a portion of the exposure. Closeup gear was a short extension tube on my Nikon kit lens.
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