A shy -but Warm- Alstroemeria inside the window of a fast food restaurant on a winter’s day.

There has, indeed, been some processing to give the new bud the stage: overall tweaking of tonalities as well as localized adjustments in Adobe Lightroom 4.3, to give a hint of selective focus, a la “tiltshift” effect. Also, mild vignetting, and localized color balance tweaking and tonal treatments were applied to each end of this long horizontal “dual monitor desktop” cropping.

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I’ll make this post more of a typical photoblog entry. Recently, I brought home orchids from two different trips to the grocery. Willing only to spend enough to get the smaller plants, with their smaller flowers, I also felt I was getting the less “spectacular”, maybe more unique strains.

Here are a few of the more unique explorations of the first plant:

'horror' lighting? or stage lighting...?
'horror' lighting? or stage lighting...?


One of the "Title" images of this set





and another one about both form And texture.
and another one about both form And texture.