A shy -but Warm- Alstroemeria inside the window of a fast food restaurant on a winter’s day.

There has, indeed, been some processing to give the new bud the stage: overall tweaking of tonalities as well as localized adjustments in Adobe Lightroom 4.3, to give a hint of selective focus, a la “tiltshift” effect. Also, mild vignetting, and localized color balance tweaking and tonal treatments were applied to each end of this long horizontal “dual monitor desktop” cropping.

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Orchid Chillouts

Thanks to the idea from Katariina Järvinen , I went back to the orchids to complete another set of orchid pix I had posted on my Flickr pages. (slideshow of them all)
Here are some of them:Orchid-148


Katariina had suggested the “horror” lighting used in my last post for one of the other “mouth”like orchid images. While the other, more delicate variety -the Big mouthed ones- have all gone, I Could make fresh versions of this one, so I played with these last night, late, for added fun.



Happy Hallowe’en!